A Marriage Most Convenient

Rating : (MA)

Hermione Granger already had one bad marriage, and she wasn’t looking for another, however, when her husband left her, he also left her with a lot of debt. If she wants to keep her business and her home, she has to come up with some money, fast. Playboy Draco Malfoy didn’t care if he ever married, however, he was fast approaching his 30th birthday, and along with that approaching birthday was the awful truth staring him in the face…he had to marry, and soon, if he wanted to inherit his family’s fortunate and his father’s business. Therefore, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy decided to enter into a business arrangement, or in other words, a marriage most convenient. She would marry him so he could inherit his fortune. He would marry her so that she could keep her business, her house…and her daughter? Wait? Did Draco know that she had a daughter? And why did she have grey eyes, blond hair, and look an awful lot like him?