About the author :

Hello everyone! My love of words, books, and stories come from my mother. She taught be to read long before I entered school. In fact, I had a speech impediment when I was young, so it’s safe to say I could ‘read’ long before I could talk, or at least, long before anyone could understand me. I can remember the very first story I wrote. I was four years old. It was about a horse named ‘Brownie’ who couldn’t find his mother. I even illustrated it. Then my mother bound the pages together with thread, and we together we made a cardboard cover, covered it with yellow-flowered contact paper, and my first book was published! I’ve been writing ever since. I mainly write for my own enjoyment, but writing has seen me through many tough and terrible times. It’s seen me through my mother’s death when I was only in my twenties, and it saw me through my father’s death six years ago, and then through all the years in between. In 2007 I discovered fan fiction, and since I enjoyed Harry Potter so much, I wrote my first Harry Potter fan fiction story (A Week in the Life) in 2007, and thus, my fan fiction ‘story’ began. Now, sixty some stories later, I am still writing. I write not only fan fiction, but poetry, and I’m also working on my own book. I also still love to read, and I love to spend time with my family, which includes my daughter, my brothers and sisters, and many nieces and nephews and brother-in-laws. My stories can be found on this wonderful new site as well as on fan fiction . net, Granger Enchanted, and Unicorn Dreams. Please feel free to drop me a line through a private message at fan fiction or leave me a comment here. I hope you enjoy my stories. Thank you, AnneM.