Through the Chimney

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Part III -

When the letter from Granger arrived at Draco’s breakfast table this morning, he was not pleased. After ranting and raving to his parents for a solid hour, he finally came to a conclusion. He WOULD see his goddaughter for Christmas, and he knew just HOW he was going to do it!

Going to his wing in the Manor, he began to get ready for his scheme. While he was getting ready, he began to have dispiriting thoughts. Without Ivy this Christmas Eve, he would be all alone. His parents always travelled to the south of France for Christmas. He would be left alone to ramble around in this large, old catacomb called home, and that thought was a haunting one.

He was getting too old to be alone. He hated it. He wanted something more out of life, something warm and inviting. Something of his own. A wife, a family …like, well, Granger and Ivy.

In the beginning, he only went to see Ivy out of a sense of obligation to Adrian. Then he started seeing her to irritate her mother. Then he started seeing her because the little girl filled a deep, dark void in his life. His life was orderly, but empty and boring.

And it was hard to admit, but he also liked to see Granger when he visited Ivy. Glancing out the window at the cold, destitute, grey winter day he knew that if he didn’t do something to change his life he was going to go stark raving mad! He also knew if he had to spend Christmas Eve without either of them he would perish from sadness.

Turning toward his room, he finishing with his preparations and then decided to give Granger and little Ivy a visit before they left for Ireland. Also, if he recalled, Ivy had her school recital tonight. Tonight would be a perfect time to call.

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