Through the Chimney

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Part VI

Hermione had no idea how she got herself into her current predicament, but here she sat, in her daughter’s prep school, watching all the little children sing Christmas carols, and Draco Malfoy was sitting beside her.


Clarification: He wasn’t just holding her hand. He was doing delicious things to her hand.

Further Elucidation: Everything started normally enough. Hermione agreed that Draco could come to Ivy’s school recital. Call that decision temporary insanity, or complete desire on Hermione’s part. THEN, after the decision was made that he could escort them to the recital, he stayed for dinner, where during the meal he was pleasant while he played and chatted with Ivy. He also continued to stare at Hermione, making her all hot and bothered, drat the man.

After dinner he had the nerve to come up behind her as she was washing up the dishes, placing one hand on one side of her, the other hand on the other side, and then nudging aside her hair with his chin and nose, he whispered in her ear, “Jolly good food, Granger. My house elf could take lessons from you.”

Instead of turning around to tell him off, she remained with her back pressed against his front. Mostly because it felt so damn good. Partly because she knew she was blushing. A small part because she knew if she turned around she might kiss the stupid fool.

Further Inspection: After dinner, they went by floo to the school, found a seat in the back row (because they were late), and they began to watch all the children perform. Draco, who sat to the right of her, placed his left arm across the back of her seat. Innocent? Not bloody likely. The blasted man began to rub small circles on her shoulder with his thumb. What was he about?

Then he moved his hand from her shoulder, under her hair, to the nape of her neck. The same small thumb (a wonderful digit in Hermione’s opinion), began a small movement back and forth across her neck in time to the next little song being sung. In the meanwhile, the git beside her acted blasé and didn’t say a bloody word.

Conclusion: Hermione’s insides were coiled tightly as springs. She wanted Draco Malfoy, and apparently he wanted her too, or he was up to something. However, she wasn’t sure she trusted him. All of this might just be a ploy on his part to get what he wanted. He might be doing this to make her stay in London for Christmas. She turned her head slightly to look at him.

He looked back at her.

She started to tell him to leave her alone. Lifting her right hand to grab his left hand from the back of her neck and opening her mouth to speak, he stopped her by leaning toward her swiftly and placing his mouth on her slightly opened mouth to kiss her with the quickest, yet gentlest of kisses. He then grabbed her right hand with his right hand, placed it on his thigh, and said, “Sh, no time for talking, Granger. Ivy’s class is up next.”

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