Through the Chimney

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Part VIII –

Hermione finally got Ivy to sleep, although it wasn’t easy. She read Draco’s book to her THREE times, but still the little girl wouldn’t sleep! She was worried that Father Christmas wouldn’t find them at this Inn so far away from home. Hermione had to convince her daughter that Father Christmas always found every good little boy and girl, no matter where they were, and finally Ivy fell asleep.

As for Hermione, she would probably never sleep tonight. They arrived this morning, Christmas Eve morning, and she went right to the man who had the locket. She knew immediately that his claims were correct. She also knew that he had more than a mere locket. He had a treasure trove of antiquities. Hermione would certainly be here well past Boxing Day, and perhaps even past Twelfth Day. How would she explain that to Ivy?

Sitting in a chair by the fireplace, she wondered slightly how she would explain it to Draco, too. He was used to seeing Ivy almost every week. If she stayed here for two weeks or more, what would he think? Would he come here? Would he miss Ivy? Ivy would certainly miss him.

Would he miss Hermione?

Hermione closed her eyes. She hated to admit it, but she would certainly miss him, too. She opened her eyes again and stared at the dim, dying embers of the fire. Damn. She was in love with Draco Malfoy.

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