Through the Chimney

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Part IX –

Draco was ready to execute operation ‘Through the Chimney’. He was also ready to admit that he wasn’t doing it to spend Christmas Eve with Ivy, although he did love the little girl as if she were his own.

No, he was doing it to spend the night with the woman he loved. He loved Hermione Granger. He probably wasn’t good enough for her. He was probably going to hell just thinking about being with someone as good as her, but he loved her and he couldn’t change that fact. He would damn his black soul to hell and back just to spend one night with her, and Christmas Eve was as good a night as any other was.

Of course, if he could make that one night turn into many nights, and then many days, that would be even better. Then he could wake up to her smiles, laugh at her stern ways, tease her when she turned snotty, and challenge her when she had a bright idea. They could have beautiful children like Ivy. They could spend the rest of their days together.

Of course, he had to get through the chimney first. Donning a bright, red robe and hat (just like a certain chap in a certain children’s book), he took a deep breath and stepped through the floo.

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