A Feeling Unknown

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Chapter 37: Wordless:

“Tonight, let’s just pretend that we’re normal, even if we both know that we’re not,” he said to her.

“Normal,” was all she said back. Then she gave him what he thought looked to be a sad smile, but he wasn’t certain. Maybe she was just nervous. He was. He was more nervous this time than he was the first time they had made love over three years ago.

He had to be completely sure they were doing the right thing. He couldn’t jeopardize the progress they had made, so he asked, “Are you sure, Hermione?”

“Sure of what,” she asked, stroking his cheek. “Sure that we’re normal, or sure that we’re not?”

He was going to ask her if she was sure that she wanted to make love, but instead he asked, “Are you sure that you love me?”

She laughed. She had the gall to laugh. He frowned and was about to give her a piece of his mind when she leaned up, kissed his lips, and said, “You’re so stupid.”

“Yes, well, that’s neither here nor there,” he said, jokingly, but he understood. After all this time, their feelings were no longer unknown to the other. She knew what he felt and he knew what she felt. They were in love, but of course. Wordlessly, he leaned down and kissed her. Her hands came up to the back of his head and pulled him closer still. She moved her hands from the back of his head to his neck, where his pulse throbbed under her fingertips. He couldn’t hide the way he felt for her even if he wanted to, which he didn’t. He slipped out of his clothing as easily as he removed hers just moments before. As they lay on the bed, him in only his briefs, she in her knickers and bra, Hermione started to giggle.

She was laughing at him again. He smiled at her, and removed an errant strand of hair away from her forehead. She put her hands on his chest and said, “I’m nervous, Draco.”

“So you aren’t laughing at my body?” he asked with a large grin.

She leaned up slightly, looked over his lean frame, with his long legs, pale, but well defined chest, and his broad shoulders and she started to laugh even more.

“Now come on,” he said, slightly perturbed.

She put her hands up to her face, and hid behind them. Her knees bent, her hands still over her face, she said, “I can’t help it. Do something to make me less nervous.”

“How? You think I’m funny looking, so now I’m nervous, so how can I make you relax?” he asked. He propped himself up on his elbow and pulled on one of her arms, to remove it from her face. He held it above her and said, “Granger, stop laughing.”

She continued to smile and she said, “You have a nice body.”

“Thank you, I guess,” he said. He plopped her hand back on her face and sat up. He turned his back toward her. He was smiling, but she couldn’t see, so she was slightly worried. She didn’t want him to think that she was laughing at him. She put her hand on his back and dragged it down, so that her fingertips skimmed his skin lightly. He closed his eyes, loving the feeling of her fingers on his skin. She did it a second time, and then a third. Then she sat up, slightly behind him, and kissed his shoulder. She removed her bra and put it on his head.

He turned his head to look at her, her bra still in place on top of his head, halfway covering his face, and they both laughed. He threw her bra behind him and turned so that he was facing her, in the middle of the bed, on his knees. He skimmed her face with his knuckles, starting at her temple, going down to her cheek, her jaw, her neck, her collarbone, and then down the side of one perfectly round, ripe, breast. He leaned forward and kissed her lips once and then he leaned away.

She felt the tingle from that single kiss from her midsection to her toes.

He leaned forward again and kissed her neck. He cupped her breast as his mouth explored her neck and jaw. He let his mouth move back to hers, kissed her again, and while he was kissing her, he gently pushed her onto her back.

He climbed on top of her body, molded his mouth to hers, tormenting, tempting and teasing her with an open mouth kiss. He slowly moved his mouth from her lips to her neck and then he kissed the side of one breast. He blew on the nipple and he watched as it went from flat to erect. He blew on the other and then with one hand on one breast, he attached his mouth to the nipple of the other. He was gentle, but thorough, and she forgot her nervousness, totally lost in the moment and the feeling. Her hands continued to move up to his hair, down his back, and over his shoulders.

He looked at her once more, and wordlessly, with just a smile, he told her that he loved her. She smiled back, and with just as much silence, told him with just a look that she loved him back. They began a wordless exchange of thoughts as they started to make love.

You look beautiful’….heat went through his entire body at the thought of her and his hand went between her legs and stroked her lightly.

Calm down, Hermione’….she willed herself to remain calm. Waves of pleasure coursed through her as she raised her pelvis to meet his demanding hand.

I can’t believe this is real’…he had wanted her just like this, so many times, and for so long. His hand went behind her knee and placed her leg over his hip, as he positioned himself between her legs.

I’m totally naked and making love to Draco’… and she no longer cared. Bare body on bare body was all that mattered now.

You’re everything to me’…how could he express that thought when he wasn’t sure it would last.

I’ve loved you for so long’…whimpering softly, the thought that she had loved him for so long, and the fact that she had almost resigned herself to live without him made this moment all that more bittersweet. She knew that she could never be without him again; the thought that if she might have to be alone once more made her want to cry, and she finally did cry out as his hand moved from the burning spot between her legs, was replaced by his hard erection, and they were joined together as one.

Hermione’…the feel of her hands on his body, gliding up and down his back urged him to continue.

Draco’….her belly started to contract and her legs shook and his back muscles rippled under her hands.

I know, sweetheart, I know’…he wanted her to feel what he was feeling.

I don’t know what to do’…enraptured by the beauty of their lovemaking, and the physical beauty of the man on top of her, she didn’t know what was expected of her…so she just felt what he was feeling.

Both of them trembled, touched, fondled and caressed, and soon they reached a pivotal moment in lovemaking…the moment of completion, and the moment of truth. He covered her mouth with his again; his throbbing erection about to explode, and finally, he could be silent no longer. He moved his mouth from hers and he screamed out her name and she bit hard on her bottom lip, and then on his shoulder, and then she was as loud as he was, when she too called out his name.

With deep slow thrusts, he shared with her the feelings that were expected of two people when they have loved each other as long and as strong as they have loved.

After they made love, she lay in his arms and for some unexplained reason she started to laugh again. He shook his head and said, “Stop laughing. I might have to have you committed.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not sure this is real. Are you real?” She moved her hand from his belly, around to his hip, and pinched his bum. “Yep, you feel real,” she finally said as he yelped in surprise.

He said, “You’re laughing at me now, and you were laughing so hard at me before we made love that I seriously doubt my sexual prowess.”

She chortled again and repeated, “Sexual prowess.”

“It’s a word,” he said, slapping her face lightly.

“I wasn’t laughing at your deft use of the word, but at the thought of you having sexual prowess,” she said.

He held her tighter, pulled the covers over them both, and said, “I’m so happy right now that you shall not bring me down with insults, Granger.”

“That’s not my intent,” she said, smiling again. She placed her hand flat on his chest, and then she moved her fingers in small circles. “I think it’s time we talked, really talked, about everything, don’t you?”

What? Was she serious? He couldn’t think straight, and now she wanted to talk. He would rather that she continued to laugh at him. He closed his eyes and said, “You talk, and I’ll listen.”

“I think I hate Theo,” she said.

He opened his eyes and frowned. What did she mean by that statement?

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