A Change of Heart

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Chapter 16 - The Shower

The duo walked to a park near Hermione’s house, enjoying the pretty weather along the way. And with the pretty weather came the inevitable throng of people, all with the same idea as Draco and Hermione - to enjoy the pretty weather outside. The park was filled with waves of people; husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, parents and children. There were lovers and those just falling in love. The sea of people could not impose on two specific lovers, however. As they sat down under a tree to eat their modest lunch, they were ignorant to anyone but each other.

After their feast, Hermione made her way to an empty swing. Draco was shocked when she sat down and started swinging back and forth. He came up to the swing to face her. “Aren’t you concerned that you might be taking the only empty swing from some poor little five year old child?” he asked sarcastically.

“There are other empty swings,” she said, looking around.

“Get off, Granger,” he demanded. 

His command only served to make her more determined. She continued to swing higher and higher. It looked as if she might take flight at any moment. He had to take several steps back, just so he could continue to watch her. Her reckless abandonment enthralled him. He envied her childlike innocence sometimes. After everything she had been through, the fact that she could still find joy on a swing in a park on a sunny spring day just amazed him. He knew she was genuine. It wasn’t an act, or a façade. She showed joy when she felt joy, anger when she felt anger, love when she felt love. That was just her.

Hermione watched Draco watch her swing. He sat down on an empty bench. As she flew forward and the backwards, up and then back, she thought her heart might beat right out of her chest. The adrenalin was pumping through her veins, right along with her blood. She felt sublimely happy. The reason for her elation had nothing to do with her swinging, and everything to do with the man watching her swing.

Her hair flew all around her, she had the biggest smile on her face, and he couldn't take his eyes from her. Standing from the bench, he walked in front of her again. His heart was close to bursting from love, and then suddenly from guilt that he couldn't seem to shake. “That’s enough now,” he said, smiling.

“Do you want me to jump?” she asked, smiling as well. She hoped he would say no. She didn’t want to jump, but she would if he told her yes. He didn’t answer, just continued to stare. She thought he still seemed sad for some reason. Was it something she had done?

“Draco!” she yelled to get his attention, “do you want me to jump?” she asked again, swinging higher still.

“Jump if you want,” he shouted back, now standing far enough away so that she wouldn’t hit him if she did.

“If I jump, will you catch me?” she called out, still swinging.

“No, I’ll let you fall on your arse!” he shouted, cupping his hands so his voice would carry.

“Malfoy! There are children here,” she chastised him.

“Sorry, kiddies,” Malfoy said to a couple of small children nearby, “I wouldn’t really let her fall on her arse.”

“Malfoy! I meant, watch your language,” she said pointedly. By this time her swing was slowing down considerably, so he walked up to her, grabbed the chain, and brought the swing to a shaky, unsteady halt.

She continued to sit on the swing, kicking her feet on the dirt below. He sat on a swing beside her. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Hermione asked him directly.

He merely frowned and looked at his feet.

She stood from her swing, and sat on his lap on his swing. It was a tight fit. Holding the chains with both hands, placing them directly over his, while he started to walk the swing slowly back and forth, she begged, “Please tell me, Draco.” 

“Leave it alone,” Draco returned, bringing the swing to a sudden stop. “There’s nothing wrong.” He nudged her gently from his lap, and they both stood. He took her hand and they walked over to the same bench he was earlier and they sat down together.

They sat in silence for many minutes, when out of the blue he asked, “How can you love me?”

She looked at him confused, cocked her head to the side, and asked, “What?”

“How can you love me?” he repeated. “After all I did to you in school, and after all that happened during the war and everything with my family, I don’t know how you could even like me, let alone love me.” He turned to look at her and she was frowning.

She took his hand, and rubbed the top with her fingertips. She brought the same hand to her lips and put a gentle kiss on top. “You’re not that boy anymore,” she said. “You’re right, I didn’t like that boy. I would never have fallen in love with him. You’re a man now, a man with a change of heart, remember?”

She stood up and took his chin, to make him look up at her. “Remember when I told you that my father couldn’t believe you were the same Draco Malfoy from school that I used to complain about, and I told him that you had changed? I didn’t lie to my father. You have changed, down deep in your heart, your soul, and even your mind.” She touched his chest and then his face to emphasize what she had said. “No, I'd never have fallen in love with the Draco Malfoy whom I went to school with, but the Draco Malfoy who sits before me now, well, I have to admit, I love him very, very much.”

He stood and started walking, still holding her hand. “I guess I sometimes question your sanity, Granger, that's all,” he said, trying to make light.

“Hey, enough of this sullen mood, let's go do something fun!” she exclaimed. “Let’s go make some good memories that you can tell your grandchildren about someday.” She was referring to what he told her that night at the wedding reception. “You can put them on your knee, well, maybe not your knee, since that might wrinkle your fine Italian wool trousers, but maybe put them on your butler’s knee, and tell them about how you once had a completely fun day of total unbridled bliss, with a girl who had a funny name, and that it was the best day of your whole life.”

He smiled and said, “And they’ll say, ‘what was that girl’s funny name again, grandfather?’ and I’ll say, I think it was Hermione.”

Hermione added, “And then one of them, the one that takes the most after you, will say, ‘that’s a better name then Draco,’ because that grandchild will have a quick wit about him.”

“They’ll probably ask me if all of this happened before I met their grandmother. What shall I say?” he prompted.

Hermione told him, “You’ll say, yes, way before I met your grandmother.”

“Hell, Granger, who are we kidding,” he said with a smile, “my grandchildren will be extremely smart and good looking, which is beside the point, but they’ll be very smart, so they’ll ask, ‘how did you and this lady meet?’, and I’ll say, she was a Muggle-born, and I met her in school, and we hated each other with a passion, but later we became friends.”

“Just friends?” she asked.

“Well, they’re children, Granger, I can't very well tell them that we once hated each other with a passion, but then that passion turned to love. They'd never understand.” He kissed her hand, and then started swinging her arm back and forth as they walked.

She was making a funny face, and so he said, “Let me continue with my story. I’ll say, we became friends, and eventually lovers, but that she only loved me for my money.”

“And your looks,” she reminded.

“And my looks,” he added also, “that’s a given. Then I’ll ask them, ‘would you like to know the story of how I met your grandmother?’ and they’ll say that they most certainly do want to hear that story.”

“You already know that story, do you?” she questioned.

Draco grinned. “But of course. I’ll say that we were at an auction, and I was bidding against her stupid best friend for a book, and that I ended up paying a big chunk of their inheritance on said book, which she later practically gave away for nothing, and that she lost her shoe, and I returned it to her, just like in Cinderella, and that at midnight she turned into a pumpkin and I baked her in a pie.” Draco laughed at himself.

Hermione smiled, in spite of herself, and scolded, “You can’t tell children you baked her in a pie,” and she hit his arm.

“Okay,” he remarked. “I’ll say at midnight I kissed her lips and I told her she'd be mine forever, and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Hermione stopped, and put her hands on his chest. He wrapped one arm around her waist, and put one up to her hair, to keep it from blowing in her face. Hermione said, “It sounds to me like you’re referring to the same person in your story. So, why not be truthful to them, and tell them the person with whom you went to school, and who became your friend and then lover, is also the person you met at the auction. Tell them it’s their grandmother from the beginning.”

“I’m surprised at you, Hermione,” Draco said with mocked scorn, “you want our grandchildren to think of you as some little harlot who'd sleep with a man before their first date? Shocking.” He hugged her and she struggled from his grasp.

She ran away from him saying, “At least when I say that I once dated the world’s biggest prat, they’ll automatically know that I’m talking about their grandfather.” She continued to run and he chased her.

He caught her and tackled her to the ground. He put his body over hers, with his arms on each side of her shoulders, his arms straight, holding his body far from hers. “Aren’t you at least happy that this time you factor into my story about my grandchildren?” he asked her. She reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand.

The wind was blowing his hair across his face. The sun was bright, and she was suddenly warm. He rolled off her and sat beside her. He warned, “Be careful when you sit up, we’re on a rather large incline. You might roll down the hill.”

Hermione sat up, grinned, and asked, “Have you ever rolled down a hill, with no inhibitions, gaining speed with the centrifugal force, and feeling total freedom, and not self-conscious of what anyone thought? Just rolling and rolling and only stopping when the laws of physics finally force you to stop?”

“What?” he asked confused.

“What I'm trying to say is, let’s roll down the hill, Draco! It’ll be joyous!” she rejoiced.

“I’ll ruin my fine Italian trousers,” he said.

“BYE!” she said in response to that statement, tucking her arms up against her chest, her body straight as a board. She lay down and started rolling down the hill. She screamed the whole way down. He watched her until her force landing at the bottom of the hill. She landed like a rag doll, her legs and arms spread out around her, on her back, staring up at the sky. He could see her smile all the way up the hill.

“IF I RUIN MY PANTS YOU’LL BE SORRY!” he yelled, and then he followed her lead. She looked up and he was heading straight for her. She moved slightly out of the way. He rolled down the hill, and landed slightly farther than she did. He was on his back, breathing hard. He had a minimal amount of fun, but it wasn’t as great as she made it out to be. She came crawling up to him, laughing for all she was worth. He wasn’t moving. She hoped he wasn’t dead. He was out of breath, but at least he was breathing, and he managed to say, “You'd better be laughing with me, not at me.”

“You’re not laughing,” was her answer. She leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Are you hurt?” she asked, as he sat up beside her.

“Only my pride,” he labored. “Oh, and my trousers. Grass stains, Granger. I’ve never had grass stains in my life.”

“Hence, your problem. I’m sure there are a lot of things you’ve done since we’ve been dating that you’ve never done before.”

“Too true.” He stood and helped her to stand. They walked back up the hill, and he ticked off items on his fingers as he walked. “I’ve ridden in a car, I’ve eaten fast food, I’ve been used as a human tissue, I’ve rolled down a hill, and I paid a million galleons for a book.”

“STOP IT!” she shouted, irritated.

He didn’t know what he'd done, so he came to a sudden stop and looked at her as if she'd gone crazy. “What did I do?” he sincerely asked.

“Stop mentioning the damn book. I feel awful about it as it is. Please, stop bringing it up every other moment.” She stalked off. He ran to catch up with her.

“Now that I know it really upsets you, I’ll try hard not to mention the book again,” he promised. They started walking back to her house. Along the way, he kept bringing his hand up to his hair, because he felt something there.

“Granger, what’s in my hair?” he asked. They stopped walking and he bent down for her to take a look.

She put her hand in his hair and said, “Nothing much, it looks like mud.”

“MUD?” he asked loudly. He suddenly Disapparated from her sight. She looked around to make sure none of the Muggles in the park noticed anything amiss. She ran home, hoping that was where he had gone.

She walked in the front door and yelled, “Draco, are you here?”

“I’m getting in the shower,” he yelled from the bathroom upstairs. “I have to get this mud out of my hair.”

Hermione held onto her earlier assessment. He was such a priss.

She walked up the stairs, and tentatively opened the bathroom door. He was already in the shower. He opened the shower curtain and inquired, “Do you care to join me?”

“No, I’ll take your clothes and try to get the stains out of them,” she said.

“I could care less about my clothing. I have plenty of clothing, now come here,” he commanded, crooking his finger her way.

“Nothing good ever happens when you say ‘come here’,” she joked.

He suddenly took the showerhead down from its holder and pointed it at her and sprayed her with water. She sputtered as the water hit her face and mouth, her hands in front of her.

“Payback is a bitch, Granger!” he said, closing the shower curtain and laughing louder than she had heard him laugh before.

She stood in the middle of her bathroom, dripping wet. He was behind the closed shower curtain whistling now. “I hate people who whistle,” she said, more to herself than to him. She started to remove her clothing.

He peeked out of the shower. He wondered what she was doing. “Are you really going to join me?” he asked, watching her.

She continued to remove her clothing. She had never showered with a man before, but decided there was a first time for everything. She had already removed her shoes and socks. While he was watching, she removed the yellow, grass stained, sweatshirt. Then she unbuttoned her jeans, and pulled them down her hips. He felt incredibly aroused. She wasn’t even looking at him. She wasn’t trying to be overtly sexual. She was just removing her clothing. She pulled off the white t-shirt, and then removed her bra. She finally turned to see Draco watching her. She removed her knickers, and stood before him in all her glory.

“Granger?” he asked, uncertain as to what to say next.

She pushed aside the curtain, and he had to take a step back. His mouth was actually open in awe and shock. She immediately took a sponge and put soap on it, and started washing her body. He stood there and continued to watch. She washed her neck, arms, and chest. She put the sponge around one breast and then around the other. She squeezed the soap over her chest and let the suds drift down her chest, to her abdomen, and below.

She washed down one leg and up the other. She put the sponge down, and stood under the stream of water, to wash away the soap. She faced Draco, but stood under the water with her eyes closed. She started running her hands up and down her body, to rinse off the suds.

Draco said, “You’re killing me, Granger. Did you know that? I am literally dying over here.”

She finished washing her body and smiled at him. He took that as an invitation. He walked up to her freshly showered body and started to lavish kisses all over her face. His hands reached behind her, and pulled one of her legs so that it hooked over his hip. Her shower was not made for sex. He couldn’t find anyplace to use for leverage. He lifted her up, the best he could, for she was wet and slippery. She tried to put both legs around his waist, but she kept slipping down. He finally lifted her by her bum, and put her on his throbbing, ready shaft. There was no time or room for foreplay, they started making love, when he felt his feet slipping. He didn’t know how long he could hold her up in the wet, slippery shower.

Hermione tried to pull herself up by holding onto the bar that held the shower curtain. That was a mistake. The bar came crashing down, and Draco and Hermione both fell right out of the shower, onto the floor. Draco landed on his back, and Hermione landed on Draco. Needless to say, neither had been fulfilled.

Draco actually screamed in pain. Hermione was in pain as well. She managed to get off him, and he was lying on her bathroom floor, water all around, shower curtain underneath, and he still had an erection. But, she didn’t laugh. She could see that he was in true pain.

“Draco, what did you hurt?” she cried out.

He just cried.


Harry, Ron and Ginny arrived at St. Mungo's two hours later. Hermione called them and said there had been an accident, and that she had to take Draco to the hospital. They went directly to his floor, and waited outside his room.

Meanwhile, in Draco’s room, the Mediwitch told Hermione that Draco had fractured his hip and his pelvic bone. He would have to stay in hospital for at least two days, to re-grow and mend his broken bones.

When the Healer left, Harry, Ginny and Ron walked in the room. “What happened?” Ron asked.

Draco pointed at Hermione and said, “Ask her, it’s all her fault. She did this to me.”

Hermione said, “Get some rest, Draco, and I’ll come back tonight,” and she ushered her friends out of the room.

“What did happen?” Harry asked, curious as could be.

“He broke his hip and his pelvis,” Hermione answered, knowing that wasn’t really the question Harry was asking.

“What, is he 90 years old or something?” Ron asked as he laughed.

Hermione slapped Ron’s shoulder, as Ginny asked what they all wanted to know, “How did he do that?” After all, Draco had told them it was Hermione’s fault.

Hermione thought, ‘they don’t need to know the full story,’ so she said, “He fell in the shower.”

“Merlin, he is 90 years old!” Ron laughed more. Harry couldn’t contain his snicker. This time, Hermione hit Harry, who turned and hit Ron.

“Whose shower was he in?” Ginny asked calmly.

Hermione couldn’t believe she would ask that. All three of her friends were now staring at her intently. “Why does that matter?” Hermione asked back.

“Well, did he fall at home, and lay there for hours before someone found him, or were you already at his house, of did he fall in your shower?” Ginny explained.

Harry all of the sudden whipped around and stared at Hermione. He asked, “Was he in your shower?” He tried to hide his smile.

“Yes,” she answered slowly.

“Alone?” Ron asked irritated.

“Does that matter?” Hermione stormed away from her friends, and as she retreated, she could hear their laughter continue.

Harry left Ron and Ginny by Draco’s room and followed Hermione down the hall. “Sorry, Hermione,” Harry told her.

“Draco and I were having sex in the shower and we fell out of the shower and he broke his hip and pelvic bone. Are you all happy now?” She was close to tears, she was so embarrassed.

“I’m ecstatic,” Harry joked. Hermione gave him the dirtiest look she could. “Actually, the picture is seared into my memory now. I might finally have a new nightmare to replace my old Voldemort nightmares.”

Hermione couldn’t help but smile now, as Harry gave her a small hug.

Her three friends left without seeing Draco. None of them thought they could face him without making a joke. Hermione walked back into his room, and he appeared to be sleeping. She sat in a chair by his bed and stared at the wall.

He turned to look at her. He was only pretending to be asleep, in case it was her stupid friends coming in to see him. She saw he was awake, so she turned from staring at the wall and stared at him. She didn’t know what to say, because she felt it was her fault, and so did he, apparently.

“Granger, don’t beat yourself up over this. I don’t really think it’s your fault. You can’t help it if I’m so damn sexy and you tried to rape me while I was innocently trying to take a shower.”

She smiled and said, “How poignant you are, but yet, not very persuasive. You know, if you'd just let me stick to my original plan of spending a nice, relaxing, lazy day at home, none of this would have happened. We wouldn’t have rolled down the hill, you wouldn’t have gotten mud in your hair, and you wouldn’t have taken a shower, and gotten me all wet, and forced me to try to rape you in the shower. We both share equal blame.”

“Okay,” he said, “I’ll share the blame, but you have to admit that you had more fun today actually out there living your life, instead of reading about someone else’s life, or watching some form of pretend life in a movie. We need to live each day as if it’s our last, and not watch it go by slowly.”

“Is that the life lesson we’ve learned from this experience?” she asked, raising one eyebrow.

Draco said, “That, and the fact that they next time we have sex in the shower, we should do so in mine. It has much more room.”

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