A Change of Heart

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Chapter 23 - The Bored Draco Malfoy -

Draco Malfoy was bored. He was so bored that he was trying to think of every synonym associated with the word...tedious, monotony, tiredness, dreariness, routine...but even thinking of synonyms were boring.

Then he tried to think of the meaning of the word 'boring'. It was a noun that meant feeling weary, being dull, the feeling of being bored, also known as tediousness.

But even that was boring.

Granger came back to the room with him, took her shower, and then left again. ‘People to see, things to do’ she claimed, but all he thought was, ‘Whatever.’ 


While she was busy doing all the little things she had to do in the ballroom, or the kitchen, or out on the patio, she left poor Draco alone in the room to his own devices, and he was not happy, not at all. What good was having a girlfriend if they didn’t keep a chap company when he was bored? She should get her priorities in order and come and entertain him. Sex would be entertaining. Hell, he would even cuddle at the moment, anything to alleviate this utter feeling of despair and tedium that he was now feeling.

He went to get his book she'd given him, so that he could read - that's how bored he was. He decided to bring it along, as a lark. He didn’t think he would really read it. He didn’t think he would have time. He thought he would be having too much fun to read. Little did he know that he'd feel bored enough to pick up his book, let alone read the damn thing.

He took the book from his bedside table, (where he placed it when he unpacked) and that was when he noticed the something ‘extra’ he'd placed in the drawer as well. He pulled out the little black box, and opened it to examine the contents inside. He didn’t know when he was going to have the chance to ask her, but he was definitely going to ask her to marry him sometime this weekend. He put the little box back in the drawer, put his feet up on the bed, and started to read his book.

His book kept him busy for all of thirty minutes. He was bored of reading. He was bored being bored. He needed entertained.

He soon thought that was a very good idea. Hermione should come entertain him. He would go tell her this. Yes, he was going to go find Granger and tell her to do something with him, so he was no longer bored.

He started out of the suite, and then realized something. He couldn’t just go find her, claim he was bored, and expect her to stop what she was doing and entertain him. Well, he could expect it, but it wasn’t likely to happen. She would probably make her ‘angry Granger’ face, (a face he'd known all his life) and tell him to stop behaving like a child, and that just because he didn’t have to work for a living, didn’t mean that she didn't have to work for a living. Damn her. She'd be right. of course, double damn her.


He got on the lift and decided to go see if she needed any help. That way, she would be grateful, less likely to yell at him, and he'd no longer be bored. Capital idea. He asked at the front desk if they knew where Miss Granger was, and the answer was no. He went to the ballroom, and none of her staff knew where she was. He went and found the hotel manager, and asked him if he had seen Granger. The answer, once again, was no. Maybe she dropped off the face of the planet, and didn’t have the common courtesy to tell him. 

He decided to take this opportunity to talk to the hotel manager about some last minute details for his plans tonight. There was a ‘mystery’ item that needed added to the items being raffled, and he decided since Granger was missing in action, it would be a good time to talk to him about this item.

Hermione literally passed Draco in the hallway and neither noticed. He was getting on the lift on the top floor, and she was getting off the other lift, at the same time. She wanted to go up to their room, and inscribe the book she gave him. She had always meant for it to be inscribed, and she didn’t expect to give it to him until the night of the gala, but his little scavenger hunt foiled that plan.

She knew he brought the book with him, because she saw him unpacking his bag after her shower. He put it in the bedside table. She could only hope that Draco was not in the room at the moment.

She entered the suite quietly, as if stealth was her middle name. It made no difference, as Draco was nowhere in sight. Excellent. She went to their bedroom, and opened up the drawer to the night table by Draco's side of the bed. Reaching inside to retrieve the book, something else caught her eye instead. It was a little black box.

Hermione’s whole body clinched. Was that a ring? Please, let that be a ring. No, please don’t let that be a ring. She both wanted it to be a ring and not be a ring at the same time. She opened the box and inside was indeed a ring. Possibly the prettiest princess cut diamond ring that she'd ever seen. It had to be at least two carats. It was surrounded by many little diamonds, and the setting looked to be platinum. There were little diamonds down the sides of the setting. It was exquisite, and without a doubt the prettiest ring she'd ever seen, not just possibly. It probably cost more than she made in a year.

She took it out of the box, looked around, and tried it on, she couldn’t help herself, and it fit perfectly. It drew her to it, like a moth to a flame. She smiled, looked around one more time, then took it off her finger and put it back in the box. She decided not to inscribe the book now. If she did, he would know that she saw the ring. She didn’t want to ruin the surprise. She knew that surprising her was important to him. She walked out of the suite, still smiling, and decided to go find Draco and tell him that she loved him.

Hermione came walking into the ballroom in time to see Draco and Jeff shaking hands. Draco even gave him a friendly slap on the arm. She wondered what they were discussing. Draco seemed to be up to something. Maybe it had something to do with her engagement ring.

She walked up to him and he put his hand on her arm, and bent down and kissed her cheek. “Hello, apple muffin,” he said.

“I swear the food nicknames have got to stop,” she said, rolling her eyes.

“But, you like food,” he waned.

“Not for a name.” She laughed, and said, “So, what were you and Jeff discussing?”

“Who’s Jeff?” Draco asked, stalling for time.

“The hotel manager, Jeff,” Hermione answered.

“Is that his name? I thought it was John.” He was still stalling.

“No, it’s Jeff.” She felt like she was explaining something to a child.

“Well, it’s good to know his name, for future reference, thanks, my little strawberry. Well, I’m sure you’re busy, I’ll let you get back to work.” He almost made his escape, but she caught his arm. Maybe if he hadn’t called her another food nickname, he would've gotten away.

Hermione asked, “What were you and Jeff discussing again?”

“Nothing, really,” Draco answered.

“It didn’t look like nothing.” Hermione was certainly interested now.

“Not everything is as it appears,” he answered vaguely. He didn’t even know what he meant by that.

“Draco…” she started, but he put his hand over her mouth.

“Fine, I’ll tell you,” Draco said sanguinely, “I can’t have any surprises with you, can I?”

Hermione was very quiet. Was he really going to tell her?

Draco said, “I was seeing if he would be available to have an affair with you, since you seemed so adamant about having a lover earlier, but it seems he’s gay.”

“What?” she almost yelled, “First, Malfoy, he’s not gay. Why do you make everyone gay? He’s married. Second, why do you always have to joke about things? Sometimes I don’t know if you’re joking, lying, or telling the truth.”

“Good, that’ll keep you on your toes,” he retorted.

She wasn’t satisfied, but decided to leave well enough alone at the moment. She still had work to do. “I still have things to do, so you’re going to have to finish entertaining yourself tonight. I don’t care if you’re bored or not.”

“Are you a mind reader now?” he asked. How did she know he was bored?

“No, I guess I just know you better than you think I do. I’m sure you were hoping I could keep your company, but I really can’t. Go up to the room and read or something. I don’t care what you do; just find something to keep yourself occupied.” She turned around and walked out of the ballroom, having forgotten to tell him how much she loved him.

He laughed aloud and followed her.

She turned around and pointed to the lifts and said, “Go to our room now!”

She was a bossy little thing, wasn’t she? He remembered how she used to boss the Boy Wonder and the Weasel around in school. He found that very sexy. Even back then he thought it was sexy. He bowed to her, entered the lifts and went back upstairs.

Around 6:20 pm, Hermione came into the suite. Draco was sitting on the couch reading his book. She was surprised that he was actually reading his book. She sat next to him, put her head on his shoulder, and yawned. He put one arm around her shoulders for a moment and said, “You know, for a children’s book, this is a pretty dark story.”

“When it was first written, it wasn’t aimed toward children,” Hermione explained. “In the first draft, the author actually had Pinocchio die. Then later, his publishers had him re-write the ending, and add more chapters, and change things to be not quite as dark.”

He looked at her strangely and thought, ‘Does she know everything?’ “Are you hungry?” he asked, putting his book down.

“Famished,” she answered, curling up on the other end of the sofa.

“Well, dinner awaits you on the balcony.” He stood and took her hand.

“But I was just getting comfortable,” she whined.

“Food or sofa, your choice,” he said. She walked out to the balcony with him. “I knew you would pick food,” he chuckled.

She sat opposite him, and said, “This is really nice. Thank you.”

As they were eating, he said, “When this is all over, we should go on holiday. What would you consider the perfect holiday?”


"Well, after this afternoon, I think I’ve had enough of the beach and sand. I love camping, but I can’t see you doing that. Maybe the mountains. That would be nice this time of year, pretty as well. Let’s go to the mountains. Or, we could take a cruise,” Hermione suggested.

“Wow, you’ve given me a lot of choices there, Miss Granger,” he mused.

“What’s your perfect holiday, and please don’t mention anything to do with sex?” Hermione asked.

“My perfect holiday would be you, me, and lots of sex,” he said with a smirk. She gave him a dirty look and he amended, “I’m sorry, but I’m on this truthfulness kick, ever since reading Pinocchio, so I had to be truthful. Just because you told me not to mention sex, doesn’t mean that I could just not mention it, if it’s what I would really consider to be the perfect holiday.”

She took a drink of wine and said, “Idiot.”

“Know-it-all,” he remarked back.

“Wanker,” she came back with.

“Prude,” he countered.

“Twit,” she said with a sly smile.

“Tart,” he said.

“How can I be a prude and a tart at the same time? That’s an oxymoron,” Hermione stated.

“What did you call me?” he joked.

“You are an idiot. I’m sorry, but it bears repeating, but you know what? I love you, anyway.” Hermione took another drink of wine.

“Good to know,” he said, finishing his meal. “Hey Granger, that first night, at the auction, did you feel the same instant attraction for me that I felt for you?”

“I believe I did,” she said, pushing her empty plate away from her.

“I thought so,” he said smugly.

“When did you feel it?” she asked.

“I felt it before the auction. I felt it when I saw you at my office. You were in the hallway, about to enter the lifts, and you turned around, and I’m not sure if you saw me or not, but I saw you, and even though I knew who you were, I asked Nott your name, and he told me who you were and why you were there,” Draco said, and then he continued, “I decided to send you over some items for your auction, and I told my assistant to return my invitation, saying I'd be happy to attend, because I'd hoped to see you there.”

“I felt it when I went to go get some wine. I saw you get up, and I actually slowed down so that you'd catch up with me,” she admitted, “and then you made some remark about my being poor, because the drinks were free, and I wanted to throw my drink in your face.”

He laughed.

Hermione continued, “Then, when you removed the stain from my dress, and touched the place were the stain had been, I felt like I was actually electrocuted. The chemistry between us was that strong. At least, to me it was.”

“I felt the chemistry the strongest when I put your shoe on you. I lifted your leg, and deliberately stroked the back of your calf, before putting your shoe on, and then I put my hand on your knee to help myself up, but it was really just an excuse to touch you more.” Draco smiled as he admitted that part. So did Hermione.

“Yeah, I felt pretty jolted by both of those so called innocent touches,” she admitted.

“When did you know that you loved me?” Draco asked.

“Maybe when you were putting my shoe on me, to be honest.” She was suddenly embarrassed and she looked down at her empty plate. “When did you know that you loved me?” She looked back up.

“I fell in love with you when you told me that I shouldn’t be smoking, when you saw me out in the alley, before the auction,” he replied.

“Really?” she asked. She expected something more romantic.

“No, not really. I think it was truly when you went to shake my date’s hand, and she was rude and wouldn’t take your offering, and you kept your hand up in the air, like an idiot I might add, and I just thought, hot damn, I think I’m in love,” Draco said, standing. He pulled her to stand in front of him. He took her hand and led her back inside. He stood by the doors and she practically fell into his arms. He hugged her and stroked her hair. “Are you tired?” he asked. If she said yes, then he knew there would be no sex tonight. ‘Please say no,’ he thought.

“Yes, I'm so tired. Can we make an early night of it?” She looked up at him. How could he say no to such a sweet face?

“No,” he said.

“No?” she asked back. She didn’t expect a 'no'.

“I’m joking,” he smiled, “I guess this means no sex tonight?”

“We had sex today on the beach,” she pointed out.

“Do you have an inadequate sex drive? Is there something about you I should know?” he asked.

“Seriously, I’m just tired,” she said back.

“You could sleep if you want. I don’t need you to be awake to have sex with you.” He couldn’t contain his laughter as he said that sentence.

“You’re sick,” she implied, moved from his arms, and made her way over to the bedroom.

“I’m going to stay out here and read some more.” He sat down and picked up his book again.

She slipped into the bed, too tired even to get into her pajamas. She just slipped off her skirt and blouse and covered herself with the covers. When Draco came to bed two hours later, he tried to be as quiet as he could. He went into the bathroom, and when he came back out, he was stripped down to his boxers. He pulled back the covers, and climbed in beside her.

She rolled over and put her arm across his chest. He pulled her closer.

“Still awake?” he asked.

“No, woken up,” she said softly.

“I’m sorry I woke you,” he said, kissing her cheek.

“Goodnight, Pinocchio,” she mumbled quietly.

“Goodnight, Dorothy,” he chimed back.

Hermione held on tight. She wanted to know when he was going to ask her to marry him, but she had the common sense not to ask.

“Hey, Malfoy?” she asked.

“Yeah?” he said.

“Let’s have the best day ever tomorrow. It’ll be our first official date, you know,” she said, sinking deeper into his arm.

“You still don’t consider all those other times as dates?” he asked amused.

“No, the Spring Fling will be our first date, and I want it to be perfect. I’ll try very hard not to get snippy, or angry, or to call you an idiot the whole night,” she told him.

He smiled, which she couldn’t see. “Fine and I’ll try not to lie, make crude jokes about sex, and not call any more of your male friends gay.”

“That would be wonderful,” she answered him.

Draco dipped his head, and captured her mouth with his. She tasted so sweet. She was perfection, and she was right there in his arms. She turned to her side, and he did as well. He teased and nibbled her mouth with his mouth and his lips, and finally she opened her mouth, and he kissed her deeply.

His hand went down her shoulder, to her arm, to her hip, and rested there.
He pushed her back on her back, and put his thigh between her legs. His hand cupped one of her swollen breast, and she whimpered.

She pulled her head from his and said, “Draco, don’t hate me, but I really am tired.”

“I told you, go ahead and go to sleep,” he taunted.

She hit his shoulder. He said, “Fine, you’re a tease. Not a tart, not a prude, but a tease, but that’s fine. Tomorrow is our first official date, and you promised me sex on our first date, and by golly you better not renege on that promise, or I’ll let everyone in the Wizarding World know that Hermione Granger is a Welcher.”

“And I’m sure everyone in the Wizarding World will give a damn,” she answered back, truly yawning.

He stroked her arm and said, “Go to sleep Cinderella. You have a ball to go to tomorrow, and I have a feeling something nice will happen at midnight.” He looked down at her, and she was truly asleep this time. He closed his eyes and went to sleep also.

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